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Tourist Complex

EKSA successfully completed a complex project for investment initiative for "Late antiquity and medieval fortress" Aquae Calidae "- Thermopolis at Burgas Mineral Baths quarter Vetren.

The project was carried out in several stages consecutively was realized:

- Overall spatial resolution of complex "Aquae Calidae" as an archaeological park structure;

- Restoration and socialization of medieval bath "Suleiman Kanuni Kapladzha" and exhibition of archaeological structures from the period of antiquity;

- Development of the park area and construction of a tourist center.


The rich resources of territory and striving for development of the Municipality suggests increase tourism in the area. To improve conditions and overall vision for the completion of the archaeological complex of the area was developed area of ​​public service, located in the southern part of the plot adjacent to the main road to the square of Banevo. The aim of development is through discreet interventions in the medium to expose and socialize preserved archaeological structures "Aquae Celidae - Thermopolis" medieval bath "Suleiman Kanuni kapladzha" adapted for the Museum of water repossessed on its original location in data archival photographic documentation fountain for public use and create a modern environment for the development of tourism activities in the socialization of old age. The complex is developed on three reference points:

- Contemporary level, which is the current level of the Square and park area west of the bathroom "Suleiman Kanuni kapladzha"

- Medieval level, which is at an elevation of -1.80 m and input to the level of medieval bath "Suleiman Kanuni kapladzha"

- Antique level that is input to -3.60 m elevation and level of archaeological structures of the complex "Aquae Khalid - Thermopolis".

Main entrance to the complex is separated from the south side of the property from the entrance area, near the fountain to the public, where visitors find themselves directly in front of the bathroom revealed and archeology of Antiquity, which are a major compositional element. There are information boards telling about the main cultural and historical values ​​revealed at the time. The zone is designed as a distribution space for the flow of visitors and is divided by low openwork metal fence of a public area (scheduled for construction at a later stage, together with the building of the Archaeological Museum and archaeological base with lapidarium) - a widened part of a sidewalk, where visitors and navigate through the entrance with controlled access fall within the territory of the tourist complex of acceptance Square.

The medieval bath of "Suleiman Kanuni Kapladzha" is located within the ancient fortress "Aquae Calidae - Thermopolis" located on the territory of Sofia. Vetren, 15km northwest of downtown. Bourgas. It dates back to XVII century and is the only preserved architectural monument representative of early - Ottoman architecture on the territory of Bulgaria. The building clearly read the influence of Roman and Byzantine traditions. According to data from historical sources it is clear that the bathroom was burnt down twice in the late XVIII c., the beginning of XIX century. At the beginning of XX c. the building was restored in part of its original volume and architectural plan. It has been renovated and turned into a public bath.

Conducts archaeological and architectural study has found that there are two halls with pools, circular and rectangular, with intermediate corridors and small rooms serving them. Over the years they have upgraded respectively male and female bathroom.

There have been renovations and repairs, which led to a change in function of the bath. These interventions, and the lack of major renovations are depreciated cause of her condition by the year of 2012. Since then EKSA is committed to restoring the bathroom "Suleiman Kanuni kapladzha" according to the adopted concept for the complex of Bourgas Municipality.

The concept aims to minimum intervention in the middle highlight the architectural image and reconciliation new feature of the "Museum of Water" in the building. Changing the tool is designed to adapt to the bathroom contemporary socio-cultural reality and restore the usability of the building. The original features of the building remain readable in both the interior and exterior. The events on the restoration and strengthening of the building are carried out by proven data and the extent of modern intervention is clearly clarify and is consistent with the importance of the building. For this purpose vulgarization additions are removed and the new elements emphasize the character of the spaces.
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