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The renovated REMO
The renovated REMO "Etar" Gabrovo was presented by the mayor of the city
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The renovated Art Gallery
The renovated Art Gallery "George Papazov" was opened in the city of Yambol according to the project of EKSA AD
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EKSA REJUVENATES BUILDINGS, newspaper Pari, 12.03.2008

EKSA designs, constructs and restores buildings with skill and professional dedication", said EKSA General Manager, arch. Konstantin Peev.
EKSA is a company for architecture, construction and restoration. It has offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko, Tsarevo. EKSA delivers turnkey solutions, said arch. Konstantin Peev.. Our mission is to work for leading companies and government agencies to build high-tech modern buildings, just as working and living environment which is characterized by uniqueness, arch. Peev added. Our role is to design and implement projects by taking care of built environment and having respect for the architectural tradition. Especially important is that it is this motivation shaping values and professional practices of the company since its inception 18 years ago. Therefore, the annual volume of customer orders is rising steadily.
The Team
Why customers trust the company? EKSA has a team consisting of more than 130, specialists and workers that fulfill the duties qualitatively and on time. There are no random employees. The company has invested over years in proven specialists with professional experience and professional successes in managing projects in the design and construction of administrative and residential buildings, infrastructure, renovation and restoration of cultural heritage buildings and buildings with remarkable architecture.
In our work, key points are the customer requirements, and the monitoring of professional performance. It is clear that without these things there is no way for company to prosper. As prime contractor, EKSA performs design and construction from initial stage, up to installation works, interior and furniture design.
The company has high standards in conservation of the cultural heritage through restoration, reconstruction and modernization of the cultural heritage buildings of national importance. The approach to these buildings and sites is extremely responsible. It requires absolutely accurate assessment of their cultural and historical value, knowledge of the stylistic and technical features for the correct choice of methodology and accuracy of performance. It is a task that not all such companies can handle.
Over time the company won numerous competitions and tenders announced by both private and public investors. Removing all traces of fire in the former Party house is designed and implemented by EKSA. The company currently performs conservation and restoration activities in Tatul - the sanctuary of Orpheus, where it is believed that the tomb of the mythical Thracian hero is located. One of the emblems of Sofia, which was renewed in 2006 by EKSA, was the State Musical Theater "Stefan Macedonian. The design was made by architects Konstantin Peev, Ilona Shtiplieva and Liliana Toneva. Architects have also drawn up the complete interior solutions.
Interest in monuments of cultural heritage
Payment schemes for the restoration are necessary.
EKSAs Executive Director, arch. Konstantin Peev, before starting a private business, has spent 10 years at the National Institute for Cultural Heritage. In his words, one of the most specific activities in the reconstruction of the National Theater is the gilding of interior ornaments.
It is executed by technology used for gilding the domes of St. Alexander Nevsky temple, proposed years ago to the Ministry of Culture, namely by specialists from EKSA. This is a modern approach, which needs less quantity of gold, but gets a high quality - for the theater, about 56 grams of gold were spent. For painting the interior of the theater in gradient violet tones, an expensive and quality paint was used, the same product of the German Company SIGMA, as in its last renovation in 1970 years.
In Sofia there are about 2500 buildings with quality ancient architecture. About 1700 of them are declared as monuments of cultural heritage. Arch. Peev said that there are many complex issues - such as houses that are owned half privately and half by state.
By hard-working
- In its 18-year history, besides constructing new buildings, it can be seen that EKSA has skillfully restored and reconstructed key buildings in the capital. Dozens of old buildings in Sofia back its luster from decades ago and attracted the eyes of tourists.
- The restoration of the facade of the National Assembly is also a merit of EKSA. It is said that the company managed to restore the facades of the parliament in record time during the summer holidays of the Members of Parliament.
- People who worked in four shifts to fit in time. After successful completion of the restoration of the parliament building, EKSA won a competition for the Beautiful Bulgaria Program for restoration of the Agricultural ministry building.
- EKSA has also reconstructed the building of the Supreme Judicial Council. The experts took care for the room in which every Wednesday senior magistrates meet, to acquire an European look.
- EKSA has contributed to the cozy look of the reception on the first floor of the Justice ministry.
The owners of the banks are demanding
The Company specializes in the design and construction of bank buildings and offices. Requirements of the owners of bank buildings for security, uniqueness and quality are becoming higher.
According to specialists - the reconstruction of the Headquarter of Bulbank, Hebrosbank in Plovdiv, Sofia Encouragement Bank, Allianz AG in Stara Zagora, restoration of Biochim on Ivan Vazov Str and MNP Paribas in Sofia were all successfully completed projects by EKSA. Among the customers of the company is also the DSK Bank. For seven years the company has worked on ten projects assigned to it by ProCredit Bank. Successful cooperation between the two organizations began with the reconstruction of the first building of the Bank - ProCredit Bank headquarters of Hristo Botev Boulevard in Sofia.
author: Elena Koceva


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